June's FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)



1. Where are you from (where were you born)?  
     Ans: I was born in Eastbourne  England.  
2 Where do you currently live?  
     Ans: I live in Sherman Oaks California.  
3 At what age did your breasts first start really developing?  
    Ans: I woke up on my 14th birthday and there they were.  
4 What was your first modeling assignment and in what year?  
    Ans: My 1st assignment was in London when I was 15 for a photographer called Mark Harrison, who    later changed his name to Harrison Marks.  
  5 How many magazines have you appeared in?  
       Ans: I do not know the full amount, but it must be in the thousands, in the 60`s I was the most photographed nude in the world.  
  6 How many movies have you appeared in?  
       Ans: About 15.  
  7 What was your favorite?  
       Ans: I like the one I shot in Mexico City called LA RABIA POR DENTRO, the best.  
  8 How many times did you appear in Playboy?  
       Ans: I would have to go and check, but I think it is about 9. I also made Heffner’s top 100 sex symbols of the Century, coming in at number 30.  
  9 Were you ever a Playmate? (If not…why?).  
       Ans: No, I was already in Show Business and after Monroe he picked the girls that could be "The Girl Next Door".  
  10 What is your bra size?  
       Ans: 36.DDD.  
  11 Are you or were you ever married and do you have any kids?  
       Ans: I was only married once to Dan Pastorini. Who at that time was the quarter back for the Houston Oilers. We had one daughter BRAHNA, the love of my life.  
  12 Do you have any siblings?  
       Ans: Yes I have two biological brothers, Robin who lives in the UK. and John who lives in Germany. I also have a surrogate brother Richard who lives in Branson, Mo.  
  13 What are you doing professionally today?  
       Ans: I still act, and I am producing too. I have a show on Encore that is a Media Entertainment Production called THE DIRECTORS. And last year I was one of the producers on a movie with Michael Moriarty called SWIMMING UP STREAM. Which won the L.A.Film Festival award.  
  14 What are the most appealing characteristics you look for in a man?  
       Ans: TRUST, a sense of humor, cleanliness and someone who is willing to pick me up when I fall.  
  15 How do you feel about what is happening today with men’s magazines?  
       Ans: I prefer the pin-up and a little left to the imagination. But then I am not a man. If you check all my nudes you will notice I never have shown pubic hair, the closes I came was a lay out I did for Celebrity Sleuth when I was 57, on my back in a swimming pool.