Pastorini  Passages


Pastorini Passages is a new addition to my site which has comments and passages written by my daughter Brahna Pastorini (yes Dan's daughter too).


Brahna Pastorini & Dan



Well this month was pretty slow for me. I think the biggest excitement was when my mom called me to tell me she was going to be in the Hurricane lol I said really... of all times to go and write your book!  Then I told her I would show her how to Skype when she got home lol.  I was a little nervous when I couldn't get a hold of her... but then again she never can find her phone anyway lol.  Other than that Iíve been playing a lot of tennis and riding my amazing motorcycle that my mom LOVES SO MUCH! Lol.  I think Iíve put 5,000 miles on it in 2.5 months and counting.
I have the best mom in the world... even though she used the scare tactic on me about getting a motorcycle that worked for 35 years! However she was cute and got me dog tags just in case w/ my name, blood type, date of birth and her phone number.




June 15 2011

So, of course I beat her easily and was all excited that I was going to finally get my motorcycle license; well... my mom had a trick up her sleeve.  I came back from the DMV and let my mom know I needed to get a bike in order to take my test and she said ... I said you could get your license not a bike so it was a catch 22 LOL, talk about sneaky.  

Well we can now fast fwd to the present day.  I snuck off last month and got my permit and signed up for the safety course.  Which I completed.  After completion you receive your license.  I immediately went down to the Ducati store in Newport Beach CA and bought a 2011 Daytona triumph.  Can I just say...AMAZING.  So I had to try and keep it from my mom which I did for about a week. She came to my house and my bike was parked out front and she asked me, (in her English voice LOL) ďBrahna is that your bike in the frontĒ, where of course I hesitated thinking about the storm that was about to come LOL and figured there are two things I can do right now,  one lie or two, just be honest.  Well I chose to be honest and said "ok, Iím not going to lie it's mineĒ LOL ďbut I don't live under your roof, you don't pay my bills, Iím 35 years old and to be honest it was a good business decision".  Where of course my mom said, how is that?  

I said well, I spend $600 a month in gas on my car, I get 300 miles per tank and it costs $70, with my bike I get 150 miles per tank and it costs me $10.  Need I say more. LOL. Needless to say she wasn't to happy, however, she bought me dog tags for mothers day which have my name, blood type, birthday and my moms phone number I started LOL and said your phone number? She said yes so if you get in a accident they will call me. LOL  I love my mom!!!!!