June's Complete Filmography


Three Bad Men....... Billie   (2005)


Actors: Mike Moroff, Chris Gann, George Kennedy, Peter Brown, John Dixon, Mack Don, David Orton, June Wilkinson, Megan McNally
Synopsis: Three notorious bank robbers on the run from the law and just one mile away from freedom find their daring escape unexpectedly complicated by the last wish of a dying man in a western that proves even lawless criminals can have a conscience. They've staged a daring hold-up and now they're headed for the Colorado border, but as the law closes in these three wanted criminals stumble across a horrific scene. Just one mile away from the border and certain freedom, a man lies clinging to life after being attacked by roving outlaws. With his dying breath, the man tells the three men that his wife has been kidnapped by the bandits and begs the men to rescue her before it's too late. Now, with the law fast closing in on them, three bad men have to decide what hold more value - the sacks of money on the back of their horses, or the honor of fulfilling a promise that will mean putting their riches, and perhaps their very lives, on the line.


Keaton's Cop (Made for TV).....Archie--Big Mama  (1988)


Actors: Lee Majors, Abe Vigoda, Don Rickles, June Wilkinson
Synopsis: Lee Majors stars as a policeman assigned to protect a onetime mob boss (Abe Vigoda) who has become the target of a hit man.


Talking Walls..... Blondie   (1987)


Actors: Stephen Shellen, Marie Laurin, Barry Primus, Karen Leigh Hopkins, June Wilkinson
Synopsis: Intending to complete a master's thesis about the sexual relationships between men and women, sociology student Paul Barton sets off to capture examples on videotape. Paul's viewfinder takes him around campus and into rooms of a sleazified Hollywood motel to get first-hand study sessions. During his adventure, he meets and falls for fellow student Jeanne and begins a more personal exploration in the Love Zone. This comedy drama contains sex, nudity, and profanity.


Medium Rare   (1987)


Actors: Steve Furst, Sara Stewart, June Wilkinson, Derren Brown, Gordon Alexander
Synopsis: A schlock movie producer triggers a series of bizarre events while trying to protect his wife's cinematic reputation.

      Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter..... Mrs Cromwell  (1986)        

Actors: Paul Sorvino, Abe Vigoda, Cassandra Edwards, Lorne Greene, June Wilkinson, Gary Raff

Synopsis: It just isn't Gino's day. First of all, bank employee Gino (Paul Sorvino) is offered a lucrative deal from his dying boss Theo Marshall (Lorne Greene), if only he can keep the man's bank in control of his irresponsible son (Gary Raff) and out of the hands of his greedy relatives. To make matters even worse, when Gino arrives home from a hard day at work, he is greeted by his wife (Cassandra Edwards), his eight kids, and an ultimatum--get a vasectomy or give up any hope of a sex life.


Sno-Line..... Audrey  (1984)


Actors: Paul L. Smith, June Wilkinson, Phil Foster, Louis Guss
Synopsis: In an unusual move, this gangster story features no good guys, telling its tale strictly within the confines of the mob. Steve King (Vince Edwards) is trying to gain control of the cocaine market in one region of his home state of Texas. After borrowing money from a New York mobster, he plans on buying a huge shipment from a druglord named Duval. King's opponents in this underground batle are the mobster Bedford (Billy J. Holman) and a pair of petty criminals (Carey Clark and Gary Lee Love). After the petty thieves steal King's money for the drug buy, Bedford kidnaps Duval, leading to a lot of hard feelings and the inevitable shoot-out.

      Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie..... Randy (1984)        

Actors: Donald Pleasence, Yvonne Furneaux, June Wilkinson, Rod Colbin, Garnett Smith
Synopsis: In this horror spoof, after not paying his yearly taxes, Dr. Frankenstein is in danger of being kicked off of the family estate.

      The Florida Connection.....Brit Cliborne (1974)        

Actors: Dan Pastorini, Bill Thurman, June Wilkinson
Synopsis: In this action film, a large cache of drugs has been concealed somewhere in the swamps of the Florida Everglades, and it will make a rich reward for the group who finds it first.


The Mack  (1973)


Actors: Richard Pryor, Roger E. Mosley, June Wilkinson, George Murdock, Stu Gilliam, Juanita Moore
Synopsis: Written by convicted ex-pimp Robert J. Poole, a crime story centered around straight-out-of-prison John "Goldie" Mickens, who rises to become the biggest, baddest, meanest "mack" on the streets of Oakland.

      Hollywood Blue (1970)        

Actors: Mickey Rooney, June Wilkerson, Martine Beswicke, Phil Silvers, Adam West
Synopsis: Hollywood Blue is a compilation of scenes taken from cinematic pornography over the years. Mickey Rooney and June Wilkerson are interviewed and give their thoughts about the late Jane Mansfield. Supposedly, Marilyn Monroe is the subject of one film where the female writhes on the floor in her underpants. Another film is a homosexual meeting in a park between a sailor and a marine. One of the performers went on to a successful career as a rugged western film hero.


The Candidate  (1964)


Actors: Ted Knight, Phil Arnold, Susan Kelly, William Long, Jr, Eric Mason John Mathews, Joyce Nizzari, Robin Raymond, Rachel Romen, Mamie van Doren, Herb Vigran, June Wilkinson
Synopsis: Lust and corruption destroy the career of a prominent senator in this super-sleazy political drama. He is involved with at least three different women, one of whom he inadvertently impregnates during a big party. Another of the senator's women takes the girl to a back-alley abortionist who violates the poor woman. Eventually the Senator asks one of the women to marry him, but later as he is watching a skin-flick he realizes that his beloved is the star and he drops dead from heart failure.


Rabia por dentro, La.....Stripper  (1963


Actors: June Wilkinson, Armando Sylvestre
Synopsis: June Wilkinson, whose 41-inch bust adorned many a pinup photo in the 1960s, gets to display her acting ability in Rage. The British-accented June is pretty good, no kidding. It's just that the film itself is a stiff. Here we go again with the one about the two-timing girl and her gigolo boy friend who plot and plan to steal a huge amount of money. The twist here is that June and her beau Armando Silvestre contrive to cover their tracks with a plane crash. Filmed in Mexico, Rage was also released as Rabia and The Rage Within.


Who's Got the Action  (1962)


Actors: Dean Martin, Lana Turner, Eddie Albert, Nita Talbot, Walter Matthau, Margo, Paul Ford , Lewis Charles, John McGiver, Ralph Montgomery, House Peters, Jr., Eddie Quillan, Alexander Rose, Alphonse Martell, Dan Tobin, George Dee, Jack Albertson, Ned Glass Mack Gray, Len Hendry, John Indrisano, Wilbur Mack, Joseph Vitale, June Wilkinson, Lee Sabinson
Synopsis: Lawyer Dean Martin's gambling habit is beginning to get on the nerves of his wife Lana Turner. To keep the money in the family, Lana talks Dino's law partner Eddie Albert into acting as Martin's bookie. Not only does this plan not work, but it also rouses the ire of Runyonesque gangster Walter Matthau. In the cutest of the film's cute twist, Lana saves herself and her husband by solving Matthau's financial and domestic problems. A minor but efficiently assembled star comedy, Who's Got the Action benefits from tasty production values and a knockout supporting cast, including Paul Ford, John McGiver, Nita Talbot, Ned Glass, and fabled pin-up girl June Wilkinson.


The Playgirls and the Bellboy (1962)


Actors: Karin Dor, Willy Fritsch, Merwin Goldsmith, Max Greger, Klaus Havenstein, Louise Lawson, Ann Myers, Mady Rahl, June Wilkinson, Don Kenney, Michael Cramer, Otto Storr
Synopsis: Originally filmed entirely in black-and-white, this German sex comedy centers on a bellhop who prepares for his dream job of becoming a detective by spying on half-naked chorines through a keyhole. Just before the film was distributed in the US, Francis Ford Coppola was hired to add additional scenes featuring nude women (shot in 3-D) to spice up the story.


To Late Blues..... Girl at Bar  (1961)


Actors:  Bobby Darin, Stella Stevens, Everett Chambers, John Cassavetes, Nick Dennis, June Wilkinson, Vince Edwards, Val Avery, Marilyn Clark, James Joyce,Richard Chambers, Seymour Cassel ,
After his pioneering independent film Shadows (1960), actor/writer/director
John Cassavetes made his major studio directorial debut with this gritty, low-key drama about jazz musicians. Bobby Darin plays John "Ghost" Walefield, a pianist who scuffles from gig to gig with his band, trying to keep body and soul together without betraying his muse. Ghost's agent Benny (Everett Chambers) introduces him to Jess (Stella Stevens), a would-be singer who looks beautiful, even though her voice is fair at best. Ghost falls hard for her and agrees to put her in the band, though it's hard to say if he believes in her musical talent or just wants her companionship. Ghost and his band score a record deal thanks to Jess' presence, but after a humiliating fight in a pool hall and Ghost's discovery that Jess occasionally turns tricks to pay the rent, he puts his integrity up for sale, fires his band, and starts spending his time with a rich woman who likes to hang out with musicians -- and is willing to pay for the privilege. A number of real-life jazz greats appear onscreen and on the soundtrack, including Slim Gaillard, Benny Carter, and Shelly Manne; the role of Ghost was originally written for Montgomery Clift, who was forced to back out at the last minute, leading to Bobby Darin's casting.


Twist All Night..... Jenny  (1961)


Actors: Louis Prima, June Wilkinson, Sam Butera, Gertrude Michael, David Whorf, Ty Perry, Dick Winslow, Gilbert Frye, Joe Cavalier, Fred E. Sherman
Synopsis:  Unless viewers are especially fascinated by the outré dance craze of the early '60s known as the "twist," there is nothing exceptionally compelling about this music-filled drama, except maybe Louis Prima and his non-dancing performances. The thin storyline is centered on the nightclub belong to Prima's character, Louis Evans. Evans is about to lose his place because the upstairs tenants in the building -- a group of shady characters -- want all that twisting downstairs to go away. June Wilkinson is Louis' girlfriend Jenny. She and just about everyone else in the cast twist through the 76-minute running time.           This flick is an absolute howl!  Louis Prima's club scene is being muscled out by a mercenary TWISTING GANG. Yes. The gang is being paid to come to his shows and NOT TWIST. They're paid to sit at the tables and look bored, and are not allowed to buy drinks. What's driving this youth gang to such extremes?  They want the money so they can buy matching "Twist Club" jackets. Seriously. You can see how the plot would naturally progress right into international art theft and a United Nations Twist Party at a wealthy socialite ball, with Prima supplying the live band. Having trouble making that leap? Here's what you need to know: Louis Prima is primarily a pop star. He used jazz, big band swing, rock and anything else he could get his paws on to provide entertainment and stay current with the trends in music. The twist craze was being jumped on by everybody at the time, and Prima was a natural. Highlights of this flick are actual live performances done by Prima and the band--lots of them. June Wilkinson as his romantic interest is hot, although she was never actually a Playboy playmate--she just appeared in the magazine several times. Google her images and you'll come across at least two huge reasons to see this film (wink). I love Sam Butera, but his nearly whiteface (yes he's white but you'll see what I mean) rendering of Chantilly Lace is perhaps the most painful musical interlude in film history.  I really wish Louis had done a flick with the Bowery Boys in a haunted house setting, because this film suggests the potential of such a pairing. This flick will make you Twist all Night, one way or another. Me? I love this film.


Lover Come Back..... Stripper  (1961)


Actors: Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Edie Adams, Jack Albertson, June Wilkinson, Donna Douglas, Ted Bessel, Ann B. Davis
Synopsis: Although not as well known as Pillow Talk (1959), this romantic-comedy pairing of stars Rock Hudson and Doris Day earned an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay. Hudson stars as Jerry Webster, a Madison Avenue advertising executive who has achieved success not through hard work or intelligence but by wining and dining his big-shot clients, even setting them up on dates with attractive girls. Jerry's equal at a rival agency is Carol Templeton (Day). Although she has never met him, Carol is disgusted by Jerry's unethical antics and reports him to the Ad Council. Jerry avoids trouble with his usual aplomb, sending a comely chorus girl, Rebel Davis (Edie Adams), to seduce the council members. When Jerry subsequently makes Rebel the star of television commercials for a nonexistent product called VIP, the spots are accidentally aired by perplexed company president Pete Ramsey (Tony Randall). Carol becomes determined to win the VIP account away from Jerry, but after she discovers the truth, she again reports him to the Ad Council. Jerry skirts out of trouble a second time by producing VIP, an intoxicating candy quickly whipped up by company research scientist Linus Tyler (Jack Kruschen). VIP's extreme effects lead to a one-night stand between bitter rivals Jerry and Carol, with unexpected consequences.


The Private Lives of Adam and Eve  (1961)


Actors: Mickey Rooney, Mamie van Doren, Fay Spain, Mel Tormé, Martin Milner, Cecil Kellaway, Tuesday Weld, Paul Anka, Ziva Rodann, Theona Bryant, June Wilkinson, Phillipa Fallon, Toni Covington, Nancy Root, Andrea Smith, Stella Garcia
Synopsis: This parody of Genesis caused an uproar before and during its release (the final version was reworked and cut) though its routine or worse cinematic level would not encourage large audiences. The story begins with a busload of men and women with hang-ups in the romance department, all heading for Reno. A sudden rainstorm brings on flooding, and the passengers have to hole up in a church. That setting, apparently, suggests the skewed "dream" of Genesis that follows. The Catholic Legion of Decency gave this film a Condemned rating.


Macumba Love..... Sara  (1960)


Actors: Walter Reed, Ziva Rodann, William Wellman, Jr, June Wilkinson, Ruth de Souza
Synopsis: A low-budget, low-standard drama about voodoo and death in Brazil, Macumba Love is directed by Douglas Fowley (Doc Holliday in the Wyatt Earp TV series). A writer travels to the land of the samba in order to investigate its voodoo practitioners and several suspicious-looking murders that could be laid at their doorstep. As his investigations start hitting too close to their target, his own continued existence looks more and more problematical. Songs and some wild dancing, as well as Playboy centerfold June Wilkinson add spice to the otherwise uninspired tale.


Thunder in the Sun  (1959)


Actors: Susan Hayward, Jeff Chandler, Jacques Bergerac, Blanche Yurka, Carl Esmond, Fortunio Bonanova, Bertrand Castelli, Pedro de Cordoba, Veda Ann Borg, Felix Locher, June Wilkinson
Synopsis: A somewhat wooden rendition of an improbable western, this tale of Basques crossing the U.S. in 1847 with a load of grapevines has stock characters in slightly different guises. Susan Hayward is Gabrielle, a member of the Basque party who inexplicably speaks with a French accent (Basques speak their own unique language, and secondarily either Spanish or French.) She and her husband Andres (Carl Esmond), along with the others, are hoping to start a wine-growing industry on the West coast. Jeff Chandler is Lon Bennett, the lascivious-minded guide of the wagon train who openly chases after Gabrielle. Even after Gabrielle's husband is accidentally killed and she is married off, by custom, to his younger brother, Bennett does not relinquish his ardor. Their problematical relationship continues as several adventures befall the group, including the requisite battle with Native Americans.


Career Girl..... Joan  (1959)


Actors: Cindy Ames, Charles R. Keane, June Wilkinson, Joe Sullivan, David Armstrong
Synopsis: Remember June Wilkinson, the mammary-laden pinup girl of the 1960s? Remember all those "naughty" films in which Wilkinson starred-you know, the ones that played at that seedy downtown theatre patronized by old men in raincoats? Career Girl was perhaps the best of a bad lot. Wilkinson plays a simple country gal who heads for the Bright Lights and Big City to make it as a movie star. When you haven't got your eyes glued to the zaftig Ms. Wilkinson, you might get a chuckle out of the cheesy sets and the guest appearances by the overhead microphone


The Immoral Mr. Teas..... Nude Torso in Window (1959)


Actors: Ann Peters, June Wilkinson
Synopsis: With The Immoral Mr. Teas, Russ Meyer reshaped the adult film industry (such as it was in 1959). In a genre that ran to documentaries about nudist volleyball tournaments and shame-based soap operas about the dangers of VD, infidelity, and teen sex, The Immoral Mr. Teas was a colorful, well-photographed, breezily witty romp that suggested a gag cartoon from Playboy sprung to life. Mr. Teas (Bill Teas), a delivery man working for a dentist, gets his own teeth worked on, and, after emerging from the anesthetic, discovers that every woman who crosses his path appears to be naked. Mr. Teas find this disconcerting until he learns to relax and enjoy the passing parade. Tame by post-'60s standards, The Immoral Mr. Teas is still amusing for its easygoing charm and poke-in-the-ribs humor; Meyer single-handedly launched the "nudie cutie" boom of the early 1960s and began the most interesting career in American sex films.



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