Sex Siren June Wilkinson: One on One with The Bosom

Sex Siren June Wilkinson: One on One with The Bosom

By Stefanie Saint on June 03, 2011

Throughout the years, June Wilkinson has obtained many titles; "the most photographed nude in America,” “The Bosom,” One of the 100 Sexiest Stars of the Century” and even “Mom.” Using her wit, charm and undeniable ‘it’ factor, June has been able to effortlessly float between many roles; lust object, film actress and Playboy icon. Throughout all of her tribulations, June was able to keep a strong head on her shoulders as a bright and successful business woman.

pants_660Known best for her 43-22-37 measurements, Wilkinson managed to turn what could have been a short lived modeling career into a life in the limelight that has spanned over fifty years. Through talent and perseverance, June navigated careers in modeling, acting, directing and even owning a line of fitness centers.

Growing up in Eastbourne, England, June always loved the stage. Luckily for us, she also always felt comfortable in her skin, especially when it was unfettered by clothing.  Originally trained in ballet, June worked with the Windmill Theatre as a nude fan dancer in the fifties. We may never have seen June’s assets had Hugh Hefner’s magnetic pull not convinced June to cross the pond to give America a try. But he did. So we saw. And June had no idea she was on her way to becoming the most photographed woman in America.

Appearing in dozens of Playboy Magazines spanning through the late fifties to the early sixties, in 14 films including The Continental Twist and Macumba love, flirting it up with Elvis himself, and appearing in an episode of the original Batman Series (!!!) June has penned an upcoming book about her wild ride of a life.

Before the memoir hit the stands, we wanted to find out from June what she thinks about the proliferation of porn in today’s world and see if she would spill on her celebrity affairs.

You were nicknamed “The Bosom” by Hugh Hefner, so other than the obvious, what do you think your defining feature was that separated you from other girls in the nude modeling industry? 

Great legs? (laughs) I always knew how to pose; I had a knack for it. I didn’t need much direction, I could just get to set and do it.  I think my sense of humour helped too since I was fun and always wanted to be there so people liked working with me.

When you first shot for Playboy, the magazine was still not showing pubic hair in their layouts. What do you think of the progression in men’s magazines?

It doesn’t bother me, but I do prefer the old England rules where you couldn’t show pubic hair. Even visually, I dislike hair.

During your time nude modelling did you encounter any negativity from other women?

My mom was with me every step of the way and she was pretty straight laced. When she came to shoots the other girls gave me a lot of slack for it.

What do you think about the adult industry today and the proliferation of porn?

(sighs) When it’s too much it sometimes loses its mystery…curiosity and titillation. You OD on it. It’s a bit crude, rude and lewd. I like to leave more to the imagination. Everyone’s personal tastes differ but I like a little romance with my sexuality.

On your website you mention, “Sex doesn't have to stop when you reach sixty. If you're worried about performance, remember: Doing it one time well is a lot better than doing it fourteen times badly." How has getting older affected your sex life?

Finding someone to find me sexually attractive has never been a problem physically speaking. It’s not that difficult… take care of yourself, have a nice presentation and there will always be someone who likes you.

I was with a friend walking down the road, wearing my jogging pants when a guy rode by on his bike and screamed out ‘nice ass’! We couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of it. I’m pretty blessed with good genes but I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle.


You dated Elvis  briefly; will your book be an exposé into all of the kinky things he was into? 

No. We only had two dates so I didn’t know him that well. But he was really sweet with me! It was on one of my first trips to the US and I was staying at a friend’s house. He happened to be around and right away asked me for a date. So I went to his hotel room and there was a bunch of guys sitting around. We went into the bedroom and I knew he wanted to make love. I started to cry. I was still a virgin! When I told him he just stroked my hair and started to sing to me. He sat on the edge of the bed and sang to me for over two hours. I couldn’t believe when he called the next day. But I was heading back to London so we didn’t see each other a lot.

So there’s no gossip or kink you can give us?

Elvis was a perfect gentleman.


What are you working on now? Can you tell us about your upcoming book – any juicy scandals that you’ll bring to light?

It’s not going to be necessarily a ‘tell all’. There are enough of those already. It’s more about my life throughout my career. I was born in WWII with the bombs coming down.  I worked at the Windmill Theatre in England as a fan dancer when you couldn’t move on stage if you were naked. So they would just like take away a fan at a time and I would stand there.  It will be more about my life.

You also starred in motion picture and television. What leading man was your favourite to work with?

Avy Shriver – on stage – amazing sense of humour and always trying new things. Also Ted Knight!  He was so sweet. We had a nude scene together and he was wracked with nerves that he would get hard. He was so worried he would be unprofessional that after the scene he told me, “If my life depended on it I couldn’t get aroused.”

Who was your least favourite and why?

Hmmm…There’s no one I had a hate on for.

What advice would you give to young starlets (mainstream or porn) coming up now?

I’ve never been into porn and therefore can’t speak to the pornlets coming up. Whatever you do in life try to look the best, do the best and make the most you can.

I don’t think I’m supposed to say anything, but I met a friend of yours who told me you have this amazing trot. It’s been known to stop valets, passer-by’s, men and women…

(laughs) I didn’t know that. I guess that’s good because if you try to be sexy, you never are.

Make sure to check out June’s website at where you can order a signed and personalized photo of the prolific 60’s icon.