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Angelina & Evelina


Unique among TV Batman villainesses, Nora Clavicle did not wear a costume, but had two female "henchmen" who did. Being an ultra-feminist didn't stop Clavicle from calling Angelina and Evelina "girls" or dressing them in revealing outfits. On the other hand, maybe Angelina and Evelina dressed that way to distract their opponents . . .

    Batgirl, Batman and Robin soon learned just how deadly they could be . .



Nora Clavicle has Angelina & Evelina tie Batman, Robin and Batgirl into a Siamese Human Knot


Torture . . .

at its most bizarre and terrible





The Terrific Trio are left to face death by slow strangulation.




Inga Neilsen played "Angelina."
She was either 28 or 29 years old when she
"tied the Knot."



June Wilkinson portrayed "Evelina." 27 years old during the filming of Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club, you can find many websites about her . . . if you spell her name right! (no "e" in "Wilkinson.")